Summer School Session "The Impact of AI & Automation on Learning"


The CONNECT University Summer Session on "The Impact of AI & Automation on Learning " will provide a high-level overview of current challenges in education, both in how and what we teach in terms of preparing children to flourish in the real world, and will discuss ways in which AI may help address these current issues.

Dr Scott Bolland has spent the last 20 years in the field of Cognitive Science (the scientific study of how the mind works), focussing on human learning, problem-solving, creativity and motivation. To explicitly test his theories, a core component of his work has been the in creation of computer systems and robots that emulate human thinking and learning. He is now applying these skills as the founder and CTO of New Dawn Technologies, a high-tech start up devoted to improving education through artificial intelligence.

Scott believes that Artificial Intelligence will provide a powerful tool in helping teach the fundamentals in an effective, brain friendly and personalized manner, freeing up class time for more meaningful and enjoyable learning opportunities. Rather than replacing teachers, Scott believes that it is this synergy between technology and caring and supportive relationships that is the future of education and the key to unlocking human potential.

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Indsendt af Songul TOLAN den man, 06/25/2018 - 11:01

Would it be possible to attend this event from Sevilla via VC?

We, from the HUMAINT research team are very interested in this topic and would like to participate.

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Indsendt af Andreea DUMITRASCU den tor, 07/26/2018 - 16:03

Dear Songul,

Many thanks for your interest in this session. I hope you and the team from Sevilla enjoyed it. The recording will also be made public here on Futurium.