State of the planet: Climate Reality and Global Warming


The CONNECT University session on "State of the planet: Climate Reality and Global Warming " will represent the opportunity to look into worldwide climate problems, share thoughts, and discuss opinions going forward.

As climate chaos unfolds "more quickly than predicted", the session brings together the European Commission and external high-level domain experts to discuss everything from the practicability of tackling climate change to the philosophical leaps perhaps required to face the demise of our current ways of living. Since many years ago, the world has been facing strong challenges related to climate change. Consequently, we were advised at that time to fight climate change by switching off our TVs and protect our planet. However, as the situation got worst nowadays, and the battle became crucial, where does this fight against climate change fit in this era of technological developments with supercomputers, IoT and others?

Chad Frischmann, the lead researcher and principal architect of the methodology and models behind Project Drawdown, will underline ways to reverse global warming and create a world where regeneration is the key concept. We encourage you to have a look at Chad's TED talk.

Stopping the negative impact of climate change represents a common duty and requires huge efforts from all of us. We all share one planet - what would you be prepared to give up for saving our environment?

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