An Overview of the Microchips Value Chain


Semiconductors are the material basis for chips embedded in virtually every technology product today. Chips are miniaturised physical devices that can capture, store, process and act on data. Semiconductors are essential building blocks for digital products used in everyday activities such as work, education and entertainment, for critical applications in cars, trains, aircraft, healthcare and automation, as well as for the functioning of key infrastructures for energy, mobility, data and communications. The course will provide an overview of the importance of chips for our economies and societies.

The semiconductor value chain is of global nature, as chip production relies on collaboration and trade between the major semiconductor-producing regions. It is a highly innovative and efficient value chain. The business is characterised by rapid technological change fuelled by constant research and development (R&D) at all stages of the value chain: from the software and intellectual property that support the process of chip design, to the materials (wafers and chemicals) and equipment that support the processes of fabrication, and subsequent assembly, test and packaging of the chip.

Recent semiconductor shortages have pointed to the need of public policy intervention, such as the proposed EU Chips Act. In addition, the sector requires significant investment in research and innovation, and in skills.


  • understanding the semiconductor value chain, the different segments and its global nature, including its challenges
  • importance of research, innovation and skills in the sector
  • importance of chips for user industries/verticals
  • need for public policy intervention, including the EU Chips Act


•    Lucilla SIOLI, Director A - Artificial Intelligence & Digital Industry
•    Daphne DERNISON, Global Public Policy Director Philips
•    Christopher LUYKX,  Head Government Relations IMEC
•    Stefan JOERES, Vice President Semiconductor Strategy Bosch


Background information

This event is part of the CONNECT University Autumn School 2022 on Secure & Sustainable Digital Infrastructures, that aims to  address how this decade’s state-of-the-art digital infrastructure solutions fit over existing ones, fostering a circular economy system, while ensuring a high degree of security

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