An Industrial Platform Economy to Spur Innovation


Curious to see a different side of the emerging digital platform economy which opens the way for radical changes in how we work, socialize, create value in the economy, and compete for the resulting profits?

It is becoming increasingly clear that for companies to make the full digital transformation and conduct their technical and economic operations across the Industrial IoT, cloud computing, and an emerging intelligent edge infrastructure, they must rely on an open platform approach.

In response to the Ukraine crisis, there is a huge potential that IoT platforms can mitigate the impact of the energy crisis, e.g. by orchestrating different energy vectors and/or relaxing needs for infrastructure up-scaling through smart investments in digital services.

Lastly, we will discover the need of support of the principles of data exchanges as communicated in the Data Act, and a platform economy which is becoming increasingly important for the B2B segment in areas like farming, mobility, manufacturing and energy. Edge computing emerges as a new computing paradigm for IoT, which offers a promising way to address some of the limitations of cloud-centric design. Under Digital Decade the Commission called for the deployment of 10.000 energy-efficient edge nodes.


• Industrial practices on Apps and platforms, and reflections on policy, innovation and deployment perspective of emerging IoT platforms and Edge infrastructure economy
• Working examples of industrial platforms (external speakers)
• Industrial Platforms to reach Economy of Scale
• Governance schemes for accelerated investments


Max LEMKE, HoU E4 Internet of Things
Johanna TZANIDAKI, Chief Innovation Officer ERTICO
Antoine Mathieu, Manager Energy Services Platform ELIA
Francesca FLAMIGNI, Innovation & Funding Manager TTTECH

Background information

This event is part of the CONNECT University Autumn School 2022 on Secure & Sustainable Digital Infrastructures, that aims to  address how this decade’s state-of-the-art digital infrastructure solutions fit over existing ones, fostering a circular economy system, while ensuring a high degree of security.

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