Elements of AI


Nowadays Artificial Intelligence represents an essential technology and an area of high strategic importance that generates tremendous benefits, bringing solutions to numerous societal challenges. The recent innovations have huge disruptive potential. Society needs to be prepared to harness the power of AI, and understand its impact on the economy and society. In the digital era, learning the way AI works and its implications for our lives has become fundamental.

During this CONNECT University session the participants had the opportunity to discover “Elements of AI”, a course developed by Reaktor together with the University of Helsinki in order to teach the basics of Artificial Intelligence to citizens and EU staff from a wide range of backgrounds.

Are you wondering how AI might affect your job or your life? Do you want to understand how AI will develop and affect us in the coming years? The aim of the course “Elements of AI” is to help everyone to be empowered, and not threatened by Artificial Intelligence.

It is time to demystify AI. Basic understanding of Artificial Intelligence is extremely valuable in any profession. Watch the recording and learn more about the great opportunity of enrolling in this free online course that will provide you a holistic view on Artificial Intelligence. 



Keynote speech by Carl-Christian Buhr, Deputy Head of Cabinet, Commissioner Mariya Gabriel



Moderator: Fabrizia Benini, Head of Unit DG CONNECT F4, Digital Economy and Skills


1. Lucilla Sioli, Director DG CONNECT A, Artificial Intelligence & Digital Industry

2. Jaakko Kurhila, University of Helsinki

3. Megan Schaible and Ville Sinisalo, REAKTOR




Closing remarks by Fabrizia Benini, Head of Unit DG CONNECT F4, Digital Economy and Skills

Artificial Intelligence


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Many thanks for your suggestion Georgios, very useful!

We look forward to welcoming you on the 18th at this CONNECT University session where we will discuss more on the topic. You can also follow the session live - stay tuned, we will add the livestreaming link soon.