Cybersecurity risks in a technology-driven world


The session brings together cybersecurity experts from the industry to share their views about the main current security opportunities and challenges for the emerging technologies. The discussion focused on the upcoming cybersecurity challenges of Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT). Live demos and real life examples demonstrated the urgency of advancing our mitigation strategies and plans.

Moderator: Evangelos OUZOUNIS, head of ENISA’s Secure Infrastructure and Services Unit

His unit manages ENISA’s contribution to the NIS Directive implementation and over the years has developed good practices for several Critical Information Infrastructures (e.g. telecoms, energy, aviation, health, finance and ICS SCADA). 

Dr Ouzounis manages within ENISA the area of IoT security and Smart Infrastructures. In that context, his team developed baseline security requirements for IoT and numerous good practices for smart cars, industry 4.0, smart airports and smart health.

Finally, Dr. Ouzounis has developed, together with all EU Telecom Regulators (NRAs), the first ever pan European incident reporting mechanism for the telecom sector (article 13 a). Since then his unit has published several annual reports on root causes of reported incidents affecting the telecom sector. His unit now develops a similar mechanism for the trust service providers in the context of eIDAS Regulation (article 19).


  • Tony Gee, Associate Partner, Pen Test Partners

Title of the presentation: The S in IoT stands for security

Tony has over 13 years of security experience, he has worked both as an internal blue team consultant within the finance industry and for the technology partner for the world leading Oyster card system and more latterly as an external security tester and auditor. Tony speaks the world over at technology events highlighting key risks with the internet of things, automotive and maritime and key payment systems.

  • Lea el Samarji, Head of AI Tribe, Société Générale

Title of the presentation: Artificial Intelligence & Cybersecurity

After an engineering degree in IT Network and cryptography, Léa got a phd in cybersecurity and risk management from TelecomParisTech. She's now leading a team of experts in Datascience and AI working on several business and security projects.

  • Aljosa Pasic, Technology Transfer Director in  Atos Research & Innovation

Title of the presentation: Is this cybersecurity risk important for me?

Aljosa Pasic current position is Technology Transfer Director in  Atos Research & Innovation (ARI), based in Madrid, Spain. He graduated at Technical University Eindhoven, The Netherlands, and has been working for Cap Gemini until the end of 1998. In 1999 he moved to Sema Group (now part of Atos) where he occupied different positions. He participated in more than 70 international projects related to information security.

  • Volkmar Lotz, Senior Manager and Research Strategist, SAP

Title of the presentation: Managing Vulnerabilities in Open-Source Software

Volkmar Lotz is Senior Manager and Research Strategist at SAP. He has 30 years’ experience in industrial research on Security and Software Engineering. He is Strategy Lead for Product Security Research, specializing on Security Certification, Software Security, and IoT security. He defines and executes SAP's security research agenda in alignment with SAP's business strategy and global research trends. Volkmar holds a diploma in Computer Science from the University of Kaiserslautern.