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Solidarity in the Wake of Europe’s Catastrophic Floods

The last events in Europe highlighted that nature knows no borders, and showed how much cooperation is important in border regions, especially in times of crisis. In the midst of the tragic flooding effecting swathes of Germany, Belgium, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, some Interreg programmes are admirably demonstrating the spirit of harmony and solidarity that lies at their core.

For instance, programmes such as the Upper Rhine Valley Interreg programme, have provided crucial support to communities responding to the catastrophic flooding. The Upper Rhine Interreg Programme provided the amphibious vehicle, nicknamed “Lurchi”, to one of the worst affected areas, Trier (Germany). Likewise, the Euregio Meuse-Rhine's crisis management platform and crisis procedures (IKIC Public Safety), which have previously been supported by Interreg, were triggered on account of the flooding.

While ultimately the whole cross-border region was affected so severely that each region had to focus their resources on their respective territories, it indicates a promising willingness to help and cooperate. In times of immense tragedy such as these cross-border cooperation only becomes more important as it provides a key pillar in the response and recovery process.


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