Reduce bureaucratic burden for citizens in the EU!

Today, citizens who are moving to another country still need to bring tons of paper-based documents with them to certify their degrees or to re-register their car – although the information is already in the system in their country of origin. The once-only principle focuses on the reduction of administrative burden as citizens have to provide information only once. Find out more about the principle at the Once-Only Principle for Europe Conference in Vienna on 24th and 25th September 2018, organised by the projects TOOP (The Once-Only-Principle Project) and SCOOP4C (Stakeholder community once-only principle for citizens).

The EU research project SCOOP4C analyses how public services for citizens using once-only could be implemented at a cross-border level between European member states and beyond. The IT architecture for making once only real is being developed by the sister project TOOP.

The conference will present recent achievements of the projects and explain the implementation of the principle. For more information about both projects, look at: and

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