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The New European Bauhaus: conversations for shaping our tomorrow

The New European Bauhaus is an initiative promoted by the European Commission to stimulate conversations and exchanges of ideas with a view to making spaces across Europe more beautiful, sustainable and inclusive. The New European Bauhaus is committed to making the Green Deal a cultural, human-centred and tangible experience.

This initiative has been conceived as a bottom-up rather than a top-down action, involving citizens and organisations from the very beginning in the design of the New European Bauhaus. This ensures that policy actions are grounded on citizens’ real needs and challenges.

Pooling together good practices, examples and experiences will help communities to connect, learn and replicate successful solutions.


What are the concrete opportunities?

Share examples of practical solutions that you are aware of (relating to materials, products, services, spaces, practices and buildings) to inspire communities.

Share ideas on your expectations about this initiative and how it should evolve after the first co-design phase.

Share the challenges you face/experience that prevent you from living in harmony with your community and environment.

Participate in the 2021 Prizes competition aimed at recognising and celebrating existing achievements and supporting the younger generation to further develop emerging concepts and ideas.

Become a partner and join the networks, associations and organisations currently acting as promoters and key interlocutors.


How cross-border regions can benefit from this initiative?

Cross-border regions can benefit from the opportunities brought by the New European Bauhaus. Designing and implementing policies in a more integrated way will be one of the key challenges of the coming years. The combination of different yet interconnected well-being dimensions will support a more sustainable development and create social cohesion.

This encourages citizens to think beyond borders and understand different functionalities in their territories, especially in urban areas. In this sense, cross-border regions can play a role in the ‘conversations’ of the New European Bauhaus, capitalising on their experiences to better shape future actions. The starting points for this promising initiative are many: from cross-border cooperation projects (including Interreg Programmes) to bottom-up actions undertaken by local actors (such as twin cities and cross-border public services). Their common denominator is the exchange of ideas and joint solutions that are able to address citizens’ needs. This is part and parcel of the New European Bauhaus, which will aim to empower communities and develop interdisciplinary projects.

Cross-border regions can be part of this initiative by bringing the experience they have gained in applying joint solutions to common problems. In this way, they can help tailor the future actions of the Initiative for cross-border specificities.


You can find additional information on the initiative: