Micro data on the EU Cross-border survey 2020 now available on the Open Data Platform

We are pleased to announce that the micro-data from the EU Cross-border cooperation study 2020 are now available in the EU Open Data platform - EU cross-border cooperation survey - Data Europa EU. This data allows new research to be produced on individuals’ awareness of CBC as well as some of the impacts of CBC.

These data are mainly useful for researchers, as well as for cooperation programmes, because they provide an insight on how their citizens perceive the impacts on their territories. Deeper analyses are possible to explore if users assess these data  in contrast with the Eurobarometer 2015: Flash Eurobarometer 422: Cross-border cooperation in the EU - Data Europa EU.

This big Eurobarometer-like survey is delivering interesting outcomes about different perceptions from individuals in different border regions. More about the study can be found here: EU Cross-border cooperation survey (2020) - Regional Policy - European Commission (europa.eu)