Info sessions on b-solutions 2.0 Call for proposals from May 31 to June 15

The Association of European Border Regions (AEBR) is launching a series of info sessions on the b-solutions 2.0 Call for proposals to present this new call to public entities and cross-border structures located in border regions.

The aim of the call is to select 120 cases which will receive technical assistance to identify and elaborate potential solutions to cross-border obstacles in various thematic areas (institutional cooperation, cross-border public services, labour market and education and European Green Deal).

Six info sessions will be organized in the upcoming weeks: 

Tu 31 May, 14:00 -14:45: General info session

Th 02 June, 11:30-12:15: EU-IPA borders

M 13 June, 15:00 -15:45: European Green Deal

Tu 14.June, 14:00 -14:45: Public services

W 15 June, 11:30 -12:15: Labour market and education

Date to be confirmed: Maritime borders

To register for the info sessions, please click here

We look forward to exchanging with interested applicants. 



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