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Commission launches consultations on cross-border health issues

The European Commission has launched public consultations on two topics that are of the utmost importance to cross-border health in the EU.

Firstly, the Commission is in the process of reviewing Directive 2011/24/EU, which gives citizens the right to seek planned healthcare in another EU country and to claim reimbursement for treatment from their national health system or insurance provider. Through the review, the Commission wants to understand how well the Directive is working, whether it gives citizens access to high-quality healthcare in other EU countries and whether it encourages cooperation between national healthcare providers (especially in the area of rare diseases). Share your views through the online questionnaire: you can answer here until 27th July!

Furthermore, the Commission is currently developing a proposal for a regulation on a European Health Data Space. This space will enable the safe exchange of patients’ data, which will be available across the EU for research on treatments, medicines, medical devices and outcomes. It will also support the development of innovative solutions and digital technologies (including AI), as well as policy-making. The European Health Data Space will uphold data protection rules, protecting individuals’ rights. Contribute to the development of the proposal through the questionnaire which can be answered here until 26 July!

These issues are closely linked to the first “Beyond Borders: Breakfast Debate” organised by the Border Focal Point Network, which focused on cross-border public service delivery and cooperation during the Covid-19 pandemic. You can find more information on the debate and rewatch it here.

Commission launches consultations on cross-border health issues