CESCI and partners have delivered a comparative analysis on the competencies of regional and local authorities in the Visegrad countries and Ukraine in the field of CBC

The project entitled “With cross-border cooperation for the Europeanisation of Ukrainian borders” co-financed by the International Visegrad Fund started in November, 2020. As the first outcome of the project, the partners compiled a study entitled “Comparative analysis on the competencies of regional and local authorities in the field of CBC of the 5 countries”.

The study is built up of 7 chapters altogether. After the introduction 5 country specific chapters provide a brief overview of the territorial administrative system, the legislation on local and regional authorities, the rights and competencies of local and regional actors on international and cross-border cooperation as well as examples of application of international agreements of Czechia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine, respectively. The study finishes with a summarising Conclusion chapter.

The main objective of the project is to contribute to the Europeanisation of the Ukrainian borders by boosting cross-border cooperation. For this end a comparative analysis will be elaborated which will examine the legal framework governing the cross-border cooperation of the Visegrad countries, and which will provide a basis for the formulation of some drafting recommendations for the amendments of existing legislation of Ukraine. Furthermore, in order to improve the capacity of local actors, a training material will also be developed, which will be also used in practice during the first training on CBC organised within the project. All the results of this project will be presented during an international conference organised by the Košice Platform in Prešov. The project will be finished by April 2022.

The project is led by CESCI in collaboration with the State University «Uzhgorod National University» (Faculty of Law), Institute of Economic and Legal Research of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (IELR NASU), University of Presov, Faculty of Arts, Institute of Political Science, Stanisław Leszczycki Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization Polish Academy of Sciences and the Technical University of Liberec.

For more details on the project, please visit the project site, here.

For the study, click on the following link.

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