Call for proposals for b-solutions 2.0: Solving Cross-Border Obstacles – APPLY NOW

The European Commission and AEBR initiated b-solutions and b-solutions 2.0 in an effort to support border regions, which are home to around 150 million Europeans, almost one third of the EU population.

The new b-solutions 2.0 Call for proposalswill enable public entities and cross-border structures, with the support of experts, to identify further legal or administrative obstacles which hinder cross-border cooperation and draw potential solutions to overcome them.

Public entities and cross-border structures located along EU internal land but also maritime borders as well as along EU borders with EFTA and IPA countries are eligible. You can find more details on the call and the conditions to apply on the b-solutions’ website.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: We look forward to receiving your applications and promote cross-border cooperation in Europe.

b-solutions 2.0