B-solutions initiative nominated for 2021 European Ombudsman Award for Good Administration

The European Ombudsman Award for Good Administration, launched in 2017, is given every two years to staff in EU institutions, agencies and bodies who have a visible and positive impact on EU citizens’ lives. The b-solutions initiative, developed by DG REGIO’s Cross-border cooperation Unit (D.2), is an example of such impact, which is why it has been announced as one of the 37 projects nominated for this year’s edition.

B-solutions, launched in 2018, tries to solve cross-border problems. Citizens in neighbouring border regions from different countries often face legal and administrative obstacles in areas such as work, transport or health. Under the b-solutions initiative, public authorities and cross-border structures can submit a proposal to AEBR which manages b-solutions on behalf of DG REGIO. AEBR connects then the participants with legal experts who advise on possible solutions.

The list of projects nominated for the Award is open for public voting until 20 June. We invite you to vote for b-solutions (number 33 on the list) here. The winner of the public vote will receive one of the 5 awards given at the ceremony. The ceremony will be held on 24 June (10:00-11:30) and will be livestreamed on this page.


More information about the b-solutions project: