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Video of the conference "Connecting Peripheries - Improving Cross-Border and Rural-Urban Transport"

In the framework of two initiatives funded with ERDF, the Interreg Central Europe project Peripheral Access and the action b-solutions, on 26 May 2020 a conference presenting information of interest of stakeholders interested in mobility in peripheral areas was organised. "Connecting Peripheries - Improving Cross-Border and Rural-Urban Transport" showcases solutions identified under both actions to overcome obstacles affecting transport services, especially in cross-border and rural areas.


The full video of the conference is available here.


Following speakers took the floor:

Cinzia Dellagiacoma (Association of European Border Regions)

Marco Lukat (Vogtland Transport authority)

Květoslav Havlík (South Moravian Integrated Public Transport Agency)

Anna Reichenberger (Regional Management Agency of the Metropolitan Area of Styria)

Jasmin Weißbrodt (County of Cuxhaven)

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Curtha isteach ag Angela PINTO an Thu, 16/07/2020 - 09:10

Thanks for sharing this symposium with us. As a trainee, I feel so pleased to learn from joint initiatives like this event and to discover more about how to take cooperation forward!