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The findings from the ETC survey on border-cooperation in the EU 2020 are now available

The European Commission is strongly committed to supporting cooperation between the European border regions, with the stated objective of promoting the harmonious economic, social and territorial development of the Union.

The European Territorial Cooperation (ETC) is part of this goal, and through Interreg A (cross-border cooperation) programmes, the European Commission is supporting the potential for growth in the border regions.

Within this framework, various communication actions have been conducted across the territories. This has included a survey carried out between February and April 2020, addressing citizens living in the areas covered by the Interreg cross-border cooperation programmes of the 27 Member States (plus Andorra, Liechtenstein, the United Kingdom, Norway and Switzerland). The survey explored the following range of issues:

  • Awareness of cross-border cooperation programmes running in the respondent’s area;
  • Mobility between partner countries and more generally;
  • General trust in others;
  • Attitudes towards citizens of neighbouring countries in certain social categories or situations (work, family, neighbours);
  • Obstacles to cross-border cooperation between border regions.

A summary of the survey’s findings is now available in the following report: