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Effects of 'covidfencing' in European cross-border regions: an initial overview

Effects of 'covidfencing' in European cross-border regions: an initial overview
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This text is a summary pre-print of a text written by Eduardo Medeiros, Martín Guillermo Ramírez, Gyula Ocskay and Jean Peyrony, providing an initial overview of the 'covidfencing' process in the European cross-border regions, based on data provided by EU online platforms and seminars, as well as the authors collected experiences from their professional activity. In addition, a Territorial Impact Assessment is provided via cartography of the EU Interreg-A area, on the potential impacts of EU investment in five barrier-effect dimensions.

Territorial impact assessment INTERREG-A cross-border areas Covid-19 covidfencing evidence and data


Enviado por Eduardo MEDEIROS em Ter, 06/30/2020 - 09:40

Dear sirs, the authors decided to palce this informaiton in online platforms since the due to the relevance and timing of the findings and due to the fact that scientific articles are taking too long to be accepted for publication.