Statistical cooperation in the Greater Region: a portal to harmonise socio-economic data


The data portal for the Greater Region collects data from five national and regional statistical offices and provides relevant information about cross-border flows and territorial dynamics. In an area characterised by high levels of social and economic interactions, this service is a valuable resource supporting the decision-making process of entrepreneurs, policymakers and administrations. It also enables direct and easy access to harmonised economic and social data, which can be of great interest to local communities. The statistics portal of the Greater Region website provides access to information in a wide range of areas: territory, population, environment, economy, social life, labour market, income and prices.







The portal (available in French and German) was developed in 2007 by the working group of the Statistical Offices of the Greater Region. Cooperation between the offices started about 40 years ago through agreements and working groups. Today, the group of the Statistical Offices is composed of the representatives of the 5 statistical institutes which, through mutual agreements at their annual meetings, decide which projects are to be supported.



The portal represents a significant asset for the Greater Region since statistical data is the basis for joint decisions and allows a deeper knowledge of the area. In particular, the new portal offers a variety of functions, downloads, graphics, regular breaking news, a newsletter, RSS feed, and all the publications from the statistical institutes of the region. Moreover, a wide range of content is published in the portal to make the information more accessible and usable for the public (such as a brochure, an overview on the main economic indicators, and the latest news and statistical figures).


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