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SCHKOLA: a network for linguistic (and cultural) exchanges


SCHKOLA is an umbrella organisation that gathers several different schools situated in the proximity of borders, all of them operating under the motto “Learning from, and living with, one another”. The schools cover all sections of compulsory education and vocational training. The project focuses on teaching pupils on how to interact with each other independently from their origin, from one or the other side of the border. The key element to communicate with one another is language.


Poland, Germany (East Saxony) and Czech Republic.


The Saxony educational curriculum provides the basic content for the open concept programme used in Schkola. However, while utilizing the Saxon curriculum, SCHKOLA schools take an interdisciplinary and holistic approach, which unites various aspects, subjects and topics of the curriculum, in order to avoid the tendency to compartmentalise the various school subjects. A special focus is given to on language and community: each class or learning group has a partner class or group in a corresponding school in the neighboring country. Regular meetings and gatherings guarantee the attainment of intercultural skills in the relevant foreign language, and they address culturally relevant aspects too. Parents are involved too, through parent-associations in each schools.


All pupils learn a foreign language at an early age and they develop a more global perspective on life. SCHKOLA provides them with a space of respect and learning.