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E-bike Network

A network of electrical bicycles, free using in the whole cross border area (32 towns) between Romania and Bulgaria.




The Bulgarian-Romanian cross border programme has supported the implementation of an E- bike network along the border, with several E-bike stations.



32 towns equipped with E-bikes stations along the border (mostly in Bulgaria).



The programme started to be implemented in February 2016 and will last till February 2018. Some promotion events were held in both Romania and Bulgaria by the project partner. On legal issues a protocol has been settled to answer legal and administrative limits. 



One joint mechanism created (E-bike networks) and a cross border population around 95.000 inhabitants had an access to modernized and sustainable infrastructure leading to TEN-T. During the project's period two studies were carried out to underline possible links with TEN-T network in term of sustainable individual mobility.

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