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BOOST: Greater Mobility across Fehmarn Belt


The Boost-Project is enhancing labour mobility across the Fehmarn Belt, by allowing citizens to experience the working culture on the other side of the border, make cross-border contacts, broaden horizons and much more. The target group ranges from apprentices, vocational students and jobseekers, but also employment agencies, vocational schools and companies.



Denmark and Germany



The vision of a common German-Danish labour market is pursued by providing more opportunities, especially for the young generation. Internships on the other side of the border, Job-Swaps and workshops are only some of the opportunities, which BOOST is offering. After all, reducing Barriers and connecting citizens will strengthen the labour- and apprenticeship-market in the region.



Only one year after the project started in 2017, already 140 people from the Fehmarn Belt region have been able to take part in measures for cross-border mobility in the labour market and almost 350 interested people have already been informed about the possibilities in the respective neighbouring country



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