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BlueSARE, a Euroregional collaboration project in the sector of Marine Renewable Energies


BlueSARE is a project supported by the Aquitaine-Euskadi Euroregion, aimed at fostering the development of a Euroregional marine renewable energy (MRE) offer to position the companies and institutions of the territory as an international reference in this emerging sector. With their 870 km of coastline, Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France) and the Basque Country (Spain) show a huge potential for MRE practices, especially with regard to tidal and wave energy projects. In the last years, the project has generated a new marine energy value chain and related business opportunities and it has considerably increased the visibility of the local port infrastructures, technology validation platforms, and tests sites. Finally, BlueSARE promotes and strengthens cross-border collaboration between companies and technological bodies at Euroregional level and encourages cooperation among competitors in the MRE sector which, when operating in these emerging fields, usually become collaborators along the way.



Basque Country (Spain) and Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France) territories.

Basque Country (Spain) and Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France) territories




BlueSARE was developed in partnership by the Basque Energy Cluster (Spain) and the Communauté d’Agglomération du Pays Basque (France). The project was then selected by the Aquitaine-Euskadi Euroregion as part of a call for projects shared between the Euskadi Autonomous Community and the New Aquitaine region. The initiative was finally launched in 2017 with financial support provided by the Euroregion (EUR 45,250).



The marine renewable energy sector constitutes today one of the main pillars of the New Aquitaine-Euskadi-Navarre Euroregion's energy strategy. Among the major achievements of the project so far it is worth mentioning:

  1. The publication of a joint collaborative booklet containing a potential MRE study of the Euroregion’s coast, a detailed MRE value chain description, and collaboration opportunities for the companies of the sector in the Euroregion.
  2. The joint organisation of workshops fostering collaboration among companies from Spain’s Basque Country and France’s Nouvelle-Aquitaine.
  3. The joint attendance to relevant MRE events promoting the value chain potential of both regions.


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