Massive Open Online Course on Interreg and European territorial cooperation


Join us on March 7th for the beginning of the first ever MOOC of Interreg!

The course, of which the first edition will run between 7 March and 24 April, is the result of a collaboration between the European Commission and a consortium led by the University of Strasbourg.

A MOOC is a Massive Open Online Course: a university-level course that is fully online which anyone, anywhere, can attend. It is an innovative tool, exploiting the potential for technology to enhance educational opportunities, for promoting knowledge sharing at a higher education level.

This MOOC Interreg course aims to:

  • Enhance Europeans’ knowledge of territorial cooperation in Europe
  • Promote knowledge building about its contexts and its impacts, namely by fostering a wider adoption by higher education and research organisations, of research lines addressing European Territorial Cooperation in all its dimensions

The course is split into four sections which will respectively:

  • Position territorial cooperation in Europe in its historical context.
  • Present existing European policies in the field of territorial cooperation.
  • Explore Interreg's influence shaping policy in the areas of: health, spatial planning, environment, culture, mobility.
  • Evaluate how territorial cooperation is concretely practised by actors on the ground.

It is open to everyone and free of charge.The course runs for 6 weeks, for a total of 18h (3h/week).

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