#EURegionsWeek: workshop “Digital training for cooperation: new ways of capacity building ONLINE – 11WS22277”


Tuesday, 11 October 2022,  14:30 to 16:00, online

Workshop with AEBR’s participation at the European Regions and Cities 2022

Whether at the interregional, transnational or cross-border level, capacity building is necessary for successful territorial cooperation. Due to the digital transition, training formats and methods for actors of cooperation are rapidly changing.

Firstly, this workshop will present three concrete examples of online courses and training, confronting learners’ and trainers’ perspectives each time.

Secondly, in a debate with the participants, the opportunities of digital training for local/regional authorities, associations and other stakeholders of cooperation, as well as its limits and challenges, will be discussed. Which new opportunities are
arising in terms of accessibility, outreach and the use of innovative tools? Which new challenges do training providers face with regard to commitment of learners, teaching methodologies and digital skills?

Finally, recommendations for the development of digital training in the field of territorial cooperation will be elaborated.

Organised by Association of European Border Regions (AEBR), Carinthia University of Applied Sciences (CUAS), Euro-Institut / TEIN (Euro-Institut / TEIN), Sciences Po Strasbourg – Ecole de l’Université de Strasbourg

Register here: https://eu.app.swapcard.com/event/euregionsweek-2022/planning/UGxhbm5pbmdfOTYwNDM3