Beyond Borders: Breakfast Debates - Cross-border commuters: A daily journey between obstacles and opportunities

 Cross-border commuters: A daily journey between obstacles and opportunities

The second edition of the ‘Beyond Borders: Breakfast Debates’ will focus on obstacles that impact the ability of citizens who regularly travel to work in a neighbouring country. Looking at one cross-border region as a single employment area helps to create the right conditions for genuine cross-border labour markets. It presents many advantages for both businesses and job seekers; employers have access to a larger pool of skills while job seekers can choose from a larger number of vacancies. Additionally, SMEs wishing to expand into neighbouring markets have direct access to language skills. However, a variety of obstacles hamper cross-border commuting. This session will look at the potential boost in economic development caused by cross-border commuting, while also exploring the barriers that cross-border workers face. 

Join us for a morning briefing in which experts will present their insights into the topic before a moderated Q&A where you will be able to participate in the debate and share your experiences of commuting across borders.

Meet our speakers:

  • Joana Bernardo, HR Manager, Venture Group - Brunswick Boat Group
  • Radka Trylčová, Head Director, Pilsen Region Chamber of Commerce
  • Malin Harlestad, Project Manager, City of Helsingborg
  • Sigried Caspar, Policy Officer, Labour Mobility - Free Movement of Workers, DG EMPL, European Commission 
  • Pascal Boijmans, Head of Unit, DG REGIO, European Commission 

‘Beyond Borders: Breakfast Debates’ is a series of online events organised by the Border Focal Point Network and is designed to highlight ways in which obstacles to cross-border cooperation can be reduced as well as to promote the pooling of services along the EU’s internal borders.

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