Beyond Borders: Breakfast Debates – Border regions and the European Green Deal: managing the clean energy transition

Border regions and the European Green Deal:

The third edition of the ‘Beyond Borders: Breakfast Debates’ will focus onBorder regions and the European Green Deal: managing the clean energy transition and take place on Thursday 24th June.

In the context of the European Green Deal, which aims to make the EU environmentally sustainable, neighbouring border regions can greatly benefit from synergies and cooperation in the development of sustainable energy systems. There are many examples of collaborative renewable energy strategies across EU border regions, although there are also obstacles that hinder the implementation of such cooperation.

Meet our speakers:

  • Nathalie Verschelde, Deputy Head of Unit, DG REGIO, European Commission 
  • Ines Gavrilut, Project Manager, Center for Renewable Energy (ZEE) and Chair of Remote Sensing and Landscape Information Systems (FeLis), University of Freiburg
  • Melinda Loonstra-Buzogány, Energy Transition Advisor at the Municipality of Emmen
  • Ander González, Project Engineer, Cluster de Energía (Basque Energy Cluster) 
  • Vera Kissler, Policy Officer, Renewables and Energy System Integration Policy unit, DG ENER, European Commission, DG ENER, European Commission

‘Beyond Borders: Breakfast Debates’ is a series of online events organised by the Border Focal Point Network and is designed to highlight ways in which obstacles to cross-border cooperation can be reduced as well as to promote the pooling of services along the EU’s internal borders.

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