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Beyond Borders: Breakfast Debates - Border cities: champions of development and integration in cross border regions

Beyond Borders: Breakfast Debates - Border cities: champions of development and integration in cross border regions

Following the success of the previous six episodes of the ‘Beyond Borders: Breakfast Debate’, the next edition will take place on 10th March 2022, and focus on the role of border cities in promoting territorial development of border regions.

Border cities offer unique examples of cross-border cooperation and the challenges, opportunities and benefits that exist in border regions. With contextually specific dynamics, these cities nonetheless are often spaces that have made exemplary progress in cross-border cooperation and developed methods for overcoming obstacles that other border regions can learn from.The seventh edition of the ‘Beyond Borders: Breakfast Debate’ will investigate the role of border cities in territorial development processes, as well as discussing a range of policy development proposals.

At our next Breakfast Debate, we will hear from citizens who will share their personal experiences of living in these cities, making apparent the similarities, and idiosyncratic differences, and thus grounding the conversation by allowing us to appreciate the experiences of living in such locations. The conversation will then continue to explore the more theoretical perspectives and experiences from Interreg programmes, as discussed by:

  • Eduardo Medeiros, Instituto Universitário de Lisboa
  • Nathalie Verschelde, DG REGIO
  • Christophe Sohn, Luxembourg Institute of Socio-Economic Research
  • Bernard Reitel, University of Artois
  • Martin Klatt, University of Southern Denmark.
  • Hanna-Leena Ainonen, Citizen of Tornio-Haparanda (Finland-Sweden)

They will share insights and expertise on topics such as cross-border spatial planning in border cities, European policies and border cities, and rural border cities.

The seventh edition of the ‘Beyond Borders: Breakfast Debate’ will thus provide both academic and pragmatic, citizen-oriented perspectives on border cities’ role in territorial development, and offers participants the opportunity to share their own insights and ask questions.

The event will be held online on Zoom. Further information will be available closer to the event.

If you would like to see any issues raised during the event, please feel free to send us an email at


‘Beyond Borders: Breakfast Debates’ is a series of online events organised by the Border Focal Point Network and is designed to highlight ways in which obstacles to cross-border cooperation can be reduced as well as to promote the pooling of services along the EU’s internal borders.

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