Beyond Borders: Breakfast Debate - Cross-border education: enhancing the potential of border regions

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Following the success of the previous nine episodes of the ‘Beyond Borders: Breakfast Debate’, the next edition will take place on 6 October 2022, and will aim to explore which opportunities cross-border education offers in border regions, as well as showcase examples of cross-border education institutions’ performance.

In spite of the fact that European states have generally strong education systems, it is not always evident for citizens of border regions to have reliable access to quality education or the opportunity to benefit from excellent academic and research institutions located nearby. In some regions, the closest nearby education institution may be across a national border, illustrating the need for a common European framework for cross-border education. Aside from this, citizens pursuing non-formal and informal education, including, among others, vocational education and training could also benefit from the opportunities offered by a cross-border approach.

The tenth edition of the ‘Beyond Borders: Breakfast Debate’ will discuss how a cross-border approach to education may solve various education issues in border regions. In particular, panellists will discuss cross-border policies increasing access to education on the one hand, and excellence in education on the other, highlighting examples of cross-border universities strengthening academic performance.

The event will be held online on Zoom. Further information will be available closer to the event.

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