b-solutions third call for proposals' deadline extended until 11.10.2020!

Upon agreement between the Association of the European Border Regions (AEBR) and the Border Focal Point at DG REGIO, the deadline of the initiative b-solutions’third call for proposals has been extended until 11 October 2020.

Administrative bodies and cross-border structures placed along the EU and EFTA borders have three more weeks to send their applications and inform about the legal and administrative obstacles encountered when they cooperate with their neighbors to obtain specialised legal support form external experts.

If you are a cross-border practitioner and you have identified an obstacle, let us know!

Why should you apply to b-solutions?

1) by participating you would significantly increase your visibility towards European, national, regional and local decision-makers;

2) the support of external legal advisors would overall facilitate your work – as you will receive not only a full legal analysis of the constraints that lie behind the obstacle(s) identified but also a strategy to make the resolution of the hurdles possible;

3) b-solutions is a tool to improve the life of citizens in border regions. Many of the obstacles that still prevent the smooth fulfillment of cooperation in cross-border contexts, indeed, have a direct impact on the life, work and habits of the citizens therein residing. As such, b-solutions does not only facilitate your work but it helps to overall improve the life conditions in border regions, whose potential is too often still untapped.

To apply to the third call for proposals is very simple and the process is completely paperless. We invite you to read the call and the guidelines to the application here and to fill the application form at this page.

Finally, you can always contact the b-solutions' team at b-solutions@aebr.eu should you have additional questions or should you need support!

We look forward to receiving many contributions from the European cross-border crew in the next three weeks and to make EU border regions and cross-border cooperation stronger together!

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