b-solutions: one case selected under "public Transport (of passengers)"

In the history of b-solutionsthe thematic area "public transport (of passengers)" has always been quite "crowded", with many cases that highlighted obstacles deriving, for example, from the missing links or facilities in European Border Regions or emerging from the not-interoperability of the different national transportation systems . 

In the course of the 4th call for proposals of the initiative, instead, only one case has been selected under the present thematic area. 

The current obstacle is identified at the border between Italy and Slovenia, in the territory of the EGTC GO and it concerns the cross-border implementation of a sustainable and environmental-friendly network of e-bikes.

Read below the description of the hurdle and stay tuned to learn more about a possible solution to it in the coming months! 


"Public transport (of passengers)", b-solutions' 4th call for proposals


GO2GO Cross-border Bike Sharing (GO2GO BIKE)

In the municipalities members of the EGTC GO, between Italy and Slovenia, there are different and separated bike sharing systems on both sides of the border.

In the long run, there is a plan to integrate the two of them to create a unique system and to assign its management to the EGTC GO.

However, uncertainties arise because of the presence of different contracting procedures and taxation models – especially concerning the VAT – in the two countries.

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