A spanish home care SME providing complementary caring services based on IoT/AHA solutions

We are INICIATIVA SOCIAL INTEGRAL, a home care SME that offers complementary technological solutions for the care of the elderly. Currently marketing services for the complementary care of elderly people who live alone. We make it easier for older people to extend their life time at home while providing peace of mind to their informal caregivers and also to the caretakers. We are offering the "LOCS" solution that was implemented through our participation in the ACTIVAGE project.

LOCS: It consists of a monitoring system using motion sensors, without image capture to guarantee the privacy of the elderly. An App on the mobile allows informal caregivers to be aware of the routines of the elderly at home. The system does not require wifi in the house and installs without works in 40 minutes. The older person does not interact with the solution and does not have to wear anything.

We have more than 100 families who are enjoying this solution through an affordable monthly fee. This and other solutions for care are part of our portfolio of services based on innovation and social impact. In the supply chain of the IoT linked to the AHA, we capillarize technological solutions to end users, incorporating them into new care services.  We work in a user-centered care framework. We are very focused on the co-creation and development of pilots with older people, as well as on the ethical and legal issues of the participation of older people in technological care projects. We are looking for proposals in care technology projects to contribute our know-how.


If you want more information about our activities, feel free to contact us at: jmlecumberri@isibenestar.com.


Our website (only spanish): https://www.isibenestar.com

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