Health Andalusia App (App Salud Andalucía)

The Health Andalusia App ('Salud Andalucía' App) is the reference mobile application for all users of the Andalusian Health Service (SAS). Its objective is to provide information and offer services related to healthcare to those who use mobile devices, within the framework of its mobility strategy development.

‘Salud Andalucía’ was launched in 2020 by the Regional Ministry of Health and Families of Andalusia with the aim of having a central repository of all the institutional mobile applications in the Andalusian Public Health System, being one of the technological tools helping to improve citizen healthcare. It gives access to a catalog of Apps adopted by the Andalusian Public Health System such as ‘Health Responds’ (‘Salud Responde’, to request and manage primary care appointments’), ‘Donate Blood’ (‘Dona Sangre’, for blood donations), ‘My Prescription’ (‘Mi Prescripción’, with all medications), ‘Vaccines’ (‘Vacunas’, on vaccinations) or ‘Radar Covid’ (to help to prevent the spread of COVID-19), together with access to relevant health information and related news. ‘Salud Andalucía’ has two specific tools on COVID-19: a self-test and a virtual assistant.

The App also links to ClicSalud+, where citizens can access their digital health record. When the account is activated in the App preferences, confirmation notifications of telephone appointments, PCR test results or negative antigen tests are received. Until mid-2021, a total of 26 M notifications of telephone appointments and 5.5 M negative results of PCR or antigen test have been issued via SMS or as a notification in the ‘Salud Andalucía’ App.

Access to the European Union's Digital COVID-19 Certificate is also available through this ‘Salud Andalucía’ App, allowing safe travels within EU countries.

With an exponential growth since March 2021, the ‘Salud Andalucía’ App already has more than 320,000 users, (reaching 655% growth in Android terminals).

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