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EnBuenaEdad: Promotion of healthy aging through digital solutions in Andalusia

Enbuenaedad ( is a web platform for the promotion of active and healthy aging in Andalusia. Its main aim is to facilitate the communication among elderly people, professionals and families through Internet, email or app. The platform offers information, tools and resources in the field of health promotion, citizen participation, safety and lifelong learning opportunities to improve the quality of life as people get older. Activities supported include training for professionals and citizens, dissemination of good practices or information for collaboration and alliances.

Its development involved the participation of health and social services professionals as well as professionals from other areas (education, justice, planning, ...), public and private companies related to the sector and associations of older people as well citizens in general. The design process started at the end of 2015. Between the last quarter of 2016 and the first quarter of 2017, the participatory design phase of the digital platform (“Design thinking” methodology) was completed. More than 400 people participated in design in three different ways:

  • Scientific Committee: representatives of Comprehensive Plans and Strategies of the Public Health System of Andalusia (Regional Ministry of Health of Andalusia)
  • Partnerships Committee: 29 public and private institutions
  • Provincial Meetings: 363 people participates representing citizens, institutions, and other sectors.

The platform ( was launched in 2018. It included an initial package of 220 contents, 64 of which were audio-visual productions developed in collaboration with Andalusian elderly associations. These contents were grouped according to the themes/areas agreed in the community and scientific forums described above. It has been funded by ERDF.

Today the platform is fully implemented and operative as a tool used in daily life offering information on the four pillars of healthy aging: health, safety, participation and long-life learning.

By the end of 2018, the initial content of the platform has been expanded to a total of 1,064 contents. 662 have been supplied by the platform users themselves (after the approval).

Main figures of the “EnBuenaEdad” platform:

  • 249,505 visits and a total of 35,478 users have accessed it (from its launch to June 2019).
  • 81,858 visits during the first semester of 2019 (from January 1 to June 30, 2019).
  • 16,945 people have accessed the platform during this period (Source Google Analytics).

The Platform is available in Spanish. English and French versions are partially developed.

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