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Diraya-ClicSalud+: corporate health information system in Andalusia

Diraya is the Electronic Health Record system within the Andalusian Public Healthcare System that integrates the healthcare information for each patient on a single regional record. The system is based on a single Health Record Number which links all patient information, including electronic prescription, telemedicine, referrals, radiology, laboratory tests, appointments, etc. Primary care centres, specialist outpatient clinics, hospitals, emergency rooms and private pharmacies in the region are connected to this system. The EHR is currently accessible for patients for secure web access via ClicSalud using the citizen’s digital certificate. In 2018 a new version, ClicSalud+, has been released. ClicSalud+ provides access to all users of the Public Healthcare System of Andalusia to personal information, both administrative (for example, center and professionals assigned) as clinical (such as reports, medication, analytical test results). In addition, it facilitates the realization of the most important procedures (request or change appointments in health centers, choose center and professional, renew health card ...), as well as the Covid-19 vaccination certificate now.

Almost 16 M accesses were reached during 2020 to ClicSalud+. Citizens (patients) access information about their allergies, medications, emergency room reports, hospital admissions, madical appointments, images, lab results or vaccines (including vaccination certificate). A digital certificate is requested for accessing clinical information, in order to ensure confidentiality of data at all time.

Diraya main figures during 2020 include 105 M appointments, 41 M consultation sheets in primary care, , 70 M e-prescriptions and 180 M e-dispensations, 11 M lab requests and 114 M test requests; 2.2 M emergency episodes and 5.3 M outpatient visits.

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