Digital tool on "Active Training" by Paziente Bizia - Active Patient Programme (Osakidetza - Basque Country)

In 2010, Paziente Bizia-Active Patient was created by Osakidetza, Basque Health Service, a peer-to-peer self-care and self-management education programme based on the Stanford University methodology and which was adapted and adjusted to the needs of Basque citizens.  This programme that provides new ways of working with health and morbidities, aims to increase people's empowerment, to enable them to better understand their condition, to learn to take responsibility for their health,  to encourage their participation in shared decision-making with health professionals and promote active and healthy living.

The programme, which in 2020 started offering its coursers online and by digital tools, promotes the implementation of new ways of working with people on health and illness, focusing on their needs, feelings and experiences and adapting at all times to their circumstances. 

The "Online Active Training Course" is the last programme included by Paziente Bizia-Active Patient.  Target to Basque citizen over 18 years old, is focused to encourage through online sessions to acquire skills and tools to take care of the own health, active and healthy living, and increase the resilience to tackle everyday life challenges. The programme offers educational materials and participants can interact and share with the group members problems, achievements, emotions and action plans and self-care skills learned and introduced in their daily life. This new online course is proving successful and useful tools to the citizen, while it is maintained the clinical effectiveness of the programme.

In 2021, the Paziente Bizia-Active Patient programme was awarded the NAOS 2020 Strategy prize in the field of health, a prize awarded every year by the Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition. The jury recognized the programme's capacity to implement measures for the early detection of overweight and obesity, to promote healthy eating habits and to encourage regular physical activity, as well as wellbeing.

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