TIQUE PCP - Call For Tender - First Explanatory Workshop

PCP project TIQUE, co-funded by the EU programme Horizon 2020, has officially launched its €4.4M call for tender, open until 15 September, 2022.

TIQUE PCP project proposes to transform the care pathway of patients with Advanced Heart Failure (AHF) along two directions: on the one hand, remotely monitor AHF patients and support them and their caregivers and relatives through a Virtual Care Centre integrated by a multidisciplinary care team, and, on the other, help professionals at any level (primary care, hospital, specialists, and social workers) be better coordinated as care teams and seamlessly connect to their patients, who will also be empowered through the model to take more initiatives towards their own care.

The call for tender will remain open until September 15, 2022, and is hosted by the Public Procurement Platform of Catalonia.

On thursday 30 June, from 11 to 12 am (CEST), the project is holding its First Explanatory workshop on its call for tender.

A guide to the TIQUE-PCP Call For Tender process, and a description of tender documents has been published on TIQUE's website.

If you are planning to bid and have any doubts about the scope or requirements of the tender, or about the PCP process, we have developed this workshop just for you.