Update Erasmus+ project Hands-on SHAFE

The release of an introduction video, a preview of the e-learning module "SHAFE and me" online and the usage of personal stories was the news that the Erasmus+ project published in her second newsletter. Read more: Hands-on SHAFE Newsletter #2 | Hands-on SHAFE (hands-on-shafe.eu).

Hands-on SHAFE (2019-2022) is a spin-off of the Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments (SHAFE) initiative that Carina Dantas (Cáritas Coimbra/SHINE2Europe) and Willeke van Staalduinen (AFEdemy) took in 2017. SHAFE aims to combine smart and healthy solutions in inclusive built environments to support independent living and healthy ageing. The project develops e-learning modules on SMART, HEALTHY, and BUILT environments to facilitate volunteers, carers or entrepreneurs to realise SHAFE in their neighbourhood. To set up BUSINESS and GENERAL transversal modules complete the foreseen outputs of the Hands-on SHAFE project. More information: www.hands-on-shafe.eu

SHAFE Active and Healthy Ageing e-learning facilitators