European mHealth Hub services updates!

European mHealth Hub efforts to set up an easy access to mHealth services for countries worldwide are successfully setting up their offer!

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mHealth products and services have great potential to increase chronic disease prevention and improve quality of life, contribute to a more efficient and sustainable healthcare, and empower patients by giving them a participatory role to set up care and cure plans. Nonetheless, some challenges remain for mHealth practices to be used widely: that’s why WHO, ITU and Andalusia (Spain), along with other 17 partners in Europe, have been joining forces in the mHealth Hub to champion good practices in Europe, and set up personalised support and advice to stakeholders interested in advancing mHealth in their regions and countries.

This project aims to promote large scale use of mHealth solutions, to improve service provision for public health in the effort of implementing the paradigmatic shift to an anticipatory care, and to cures that are person-centered and integrated. The current Covid-19 pandemic has threatened socially and economically the quality of life of the most vulnerable: the European mHealth Hub has the ambition of contributing to a real integration of digital technologies into national or regional health systems” Says Violeta Perez Nueno, chairing the Action from WHO, thus capturing the very essence of the Hub.

The distinctive trait of the Hub is blending a top down with bottom-up insights, to share collaborative experiences in scaling up mobile solutions for health.

The European mHealth Hub aims to create a thriving knowledge sharing and

learning mHealth environment which promotes adoption and use of mHealth

to provide better health and care to European citizens by:

  • Raising awareness on the potential of mHealth programmes
  • Promoting knowledge exchange
  • Connecting stakeholders

This way, the Hub may contribute to the development of stronger policies for public health by facilitating the adoption of innovations in mobile health and large-scale sustainable implementation.

mHealth Hub is a EU funded project involving 20 partners from 8 different countries, including international organizations and and private partners representing the 4 helix of the innovation ecosystems, who ensure a broad range of stakeholders at all levels of society, such as citizens advocacy, universities, politics, public administration, industry.

Belén Sotillos González, from Andalusian region, added “developing a dialogue organised together with WHO, ITU and the European Commission to discuss on national and regional health apps assessment initiatives may inspire more countries to engage and support ecosystems for mHealth”.

The mHealth community is indeed now focusing on the “Hub Talks”, where participants “share the core principles guiding the efforts and commitment of the broad mHealth Hub community to address the challenges of scaling up mobile solutions for public health, and iteratively build a shared knowledge base, a valuable asset for participant ecosystems” says Simona Pestina, of ITU.

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Stay tuned for more updates!!!

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