CRANE Public Tender Announcement - Open until 6th/November for 4,65M€ Digital Health solutions


The CRANE H2020 project has launched on the 5th of September 2022 its joint Pre-Commercial Procurement Tender, amounting to 4 650 000 EUR in three phases, which will remain open until the 6th of November 23.59 CET.

Region Västerbotten, Agder Region and Extremadura Region are jointly tendering for a new technological solution to facilitate effective, efficient, and user- friendly health data-driven services for improving the wellbeing of patients with chronic conditions.


What will we buy?

We expect to procure from bidders to develop and/or integrate:

·      an open and interoperable platform hosting and providing access to CRANE core, computing and processing services;

·      secure protocols for health data management through a virtual data-lake and a Personal Data Space (PDS);

·      a solution for management of informed consent and building trust for patients to control the access to their own data;

·      services for self-management of chronic conditions in cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), diabetes and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD);

·      evidence-backed services for adherence, engagement and motivation.


How and when will we buy?

CRANE procurement will be implemented as a 3-phases competition where PCP contracts are assigned under the supervision of the buyers’ group:

·      In the first phase, we will invite five bidders with a 50,000€ budget each for the development of a feasibility study. We will receive bid proposals until the 6th of November 2022 through our Submission Platform;

·      In Phase 2, each of the three selected proposals from Phase 1 will get 500,000€ to develop a prototype;

·      Finally, in Phase 3 two suppliers from phase 2 will be selected with 1,45M€ for a Pilot Validation.


What is CRANE?

CRANE (Comprehensive Treatment of Chronic Patients in Rural Areas - Grant agreement 965277) is an H2020 Pre-Commercial Procurement European project.

CRANE is a collaboration between the public health care services of Agder Region in Norway, Extremadura in Spain and Region Västerbotten in Sweden. The project aims to empower citizens in their health-data access and management, from private as well as public sources, for their ultimate health benefit.

The final CRANE solution will target citizens who are at risk or have a chronic condition which requires action, and wants to self-manage or improve the management of their health conditions. The CRANE solution aims to make the citizens entire public & personal health data automatically accessible and provides through intelligent technologies new smart and tailored insights. Unlike current siloed health and social care provision, the CRANE solution will provide the citizen with open & trustworthy control of their own data AND the use of it.

Tender Documentation and Submission Platform

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CRANE Project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon H2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No965277