EIP on AHA: Blueprint - Personas

Blueprint personas

EIP on AHA partners created a set of 12 Blueprint personas. These aimed at identifying the health and care needs of the population. The persona profiles included aspects of a persona's daily life, such as family life, interests and hobbies, and medications taken.

The Blueprint personas have proved highly effective and a number of organisations have reused them to:

  • improve care pathways
  • visualise end users
  • identify needs
  • help to analyse processes, data, roles and financial flows
  • train and educate healthcare professionals and other health and care actors
  • To enable further organisations to reap the benefits of the personas, a Guide to selecting and using a Blueprint persona has been developed.

Italian translations of the personas, created in the autonomous province of Trento as part of the ProMIS network, are also available here: https://www.trentinosalute.net/Aree-tematiche/Innovazione-e-ricerca/Internazionalizzazione-del-sistema-sanitario/Blueprint.

The personas list is as follows:

  • Rose (child, generally well)
  • Leila (working age adult, generally well)
  • Randolph (retired, generally well)
  • Teresa (aged 80+, generally well)
  • Millie (young adult, with chronic conditions and social needs)
  • Nikos (working age adult, with chronic conditions and social needs)
  • Eleni (retired, with chronic conditions and social needs)
  • Maria (aged 80+, with chronic conditions and social needs)
  • Ben (child, with complex needs)
  • Antonio (woking age adult, with complex needs)
  • Procolo (retired, with complex needs)
  • Jacqueline (aged 80+, with complex needs)


All personas can be downloaded in English below, as well as a guide on how to choose a persona. 

Guide on how to choose a persona
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