EIP on AHA achievements: Action group A2 - Falls prevention

Action Group A2 - Personalized health management and prevention of falls

EIP on AHA’s Action groups were (2012-2020) a community of partners committed to work on specific issues related to active and healthy ageing. They did this by sharing their knowledge and expertise with their peers, increasing the added-value of their national and local experience, and identifying gaps that need to be fulfilled at European level. Currently, Futurium is the platform of choice for partners to continue to share their work.

The main objective of the A2 Action Group was to launch validated and operational schemes for early diagnosis and prevention of falls by ensuring that new technologies to monitor falls entered the market faster, by connecting research to innovation and strengthening procurement processes. The Group also supported the development of regional programmes for early diagnosis and the prevention of falls.

This Action Group brougth together organisations representing almost 100 multi-stakeholder commitments from regional and national administrations, local authorities, research centres, academia, industry (including SMEs) and advocacy organisations from across the EU


Download below some of their major achievements (available on the EIP on AHA portal as of October 2021):

  • A2 infographic
  • A2 achievements (2014)
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