IN-4-AHA publications and deliverables

You can find the list of all envisioned publications from the IN-4-AHA project under the website section for tools and resources > project outputs.  On this page, you can also find all our recorded events available for replay at any time you like. Additional follow-up materials such as presentation slides can be found on the news section of Futurium – Active and Healthy Living in the Digital World.

IN-4-AHA public deliverables are added to the webpage in order of publication and a few interesting ones are already available.

For example, you can find out everything you need to know about participatory design workshops and the innovation scale-up process in the health and care sector from the similarly named report. You can also explore possible methods for evaluating your innovative solution by reading through our review of evaluation tools used in the field of active and healthy ageing. We have also suggested an evaluation framework to help assess person-centeredness of innovative solutions, because innovations focused on person-centeredness are likely to have better and wider uptake. This could help you increase validation of your solution and secure funding!

To discover more about the European investment landscape for the active and healthy ageing market you can check our investment readiness assessment. This report identifies market and investment gaps and proposes potential mitigating actions for innovators to improve their strategy for attracting investment.

You can find additional information and examples on how to obtain public and/or private funding in the recorded webinars from 8 and 9 March, respectively. Click here for the session on public funding, and here for the session on private funding.

Materials that have not been published on the website yet are to be expected in the coming months, leading up to the IN-4-AHA final conference on 7 December 2022, so stay tuned!

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