EIT Health Summit 2022


Aula Medica, Karolinska Institutet
Nobels väg 6
17165 Sweden

Thousands from the healthcare innovation community will join forces towards sustainable healthcare transformation that has an impact and delivers better care for all citizens.

Why to attend the hybrid event?

1) Connect - At the EIT Health Summit you can expect to meet the best of Europe´s healthcare innovation community - all in one place.

2) Discover cutting-edge innovation - See what’s out there – and what’s in the pipeline – across the sector. The Summit presents an opportunity for innovators to share what they have been working on, express their ideas openly and gather feedback from a wider audience.

3) Be inspired - Our world-class speakers will take to the stage to share their expertise, through inspiring talks, interactive Q&As, workshops, and masterclasses. Some topics to be covered: national and local smart policies, strategies, regulatory frameworks, financing and innovative solutions that support citizens and improve the resilience of our healthcare systems.

4) Push boundaries - We encourage disruptive thinking. Scientific and digital technology advances, new health policy approaches, ground-breaking ideas - the EIT Health Summit 2022 will highlight what's next in healthcare.