RePEnSA - Portuguese Network for Health and Active Ageing

The RePEnSa network (Rede Portuguesa para Envelhecimento Saudável e Ativo) is a network of EIP on AHA reference sites from Portugal that includes four of the country’s innovation ecosystems in active and healthy ageing - Porto4Ageing, Ageing @ Coimbra, Lisbon-AHA e Algarve Active Ageing.

The network was created and presented on the 12th of July. RePEnSA aims to solidify the coordination between reference sites and academia to enhance knowledge sharing, better respond to demographic challenges and to promote programmes that increase the quality of life, all particularly important in this pandemic (and eventually post-pandemic) situation. Another big priority is to accelerate and manage some of the investment in the national strategic priorities in active and healthy ageing, defined in the Recovery and Resilience Plan.

The Reference Sites role as connectors between academia,policy makers, civil society and industry makes for the best pathway to manage these investments, to accelerate technology and solutions that improve citizen’s quality of life and can also contribute to the sustainability of the national health system, as well as accelerate entrepreneurship and health innovation in Portugal.

RePEnSA has already several projects planned and in a preparation stage to achieve its goals, such as the creation of a National Ageing Observatory, a Longevity and Autonomous Life Support Service – SALVA and new approaches and services for integrated care. Other activities focus on the management of chronic illness, functional and cognitive rehabilitation, adaptation of housing to the needs of individuals and the empowerment of the elderly.

To know more about RePEnSA please visit the network’s website.

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