Durus™ for HomeCare Monitoring & Well-being

Durus™ is an innovative scalable telemedicine node for HomeCare & Well-being, specifically designed for seniors and those people who are less experienced with technology. In the context of this node, real-time telemetry services are provided from home, enabling senior citizens to perform daily measurements through PPG technologies and a set of external medical grade devices (measuring critical variables and other vital signs), through a BLE Gateway. The Durus™  is able to be attached to a TV set and keep all data in place, utilizing, at the same time, services with ATLAS™ middleware.

This subsystem supports real-time measurements of vital-signals and data uploading to the ATLAS™ SaaS, enabling easy and seamless transmission. Users, Doctors, Nurses, and family members / carers are then able to view and track the patient’s results and overall status via the Durus™ Pro interface of the ATLAS™ in a real-time manner.

The innovation lies in the actual feasibility and practical use of this system, that requires no PCs or complex installations and wiring of medical devices, but simply comes with the ease of a TV attached device and a set (custom choice) of peripheral wireless devices. The real-time monitoring of the collected data, eases the work of carers and healthcare professionals who may track the actual status of a senior at home and be informed of a critical situation.

Durus™ - The Hybrid Telemedicine Active Node (doctorshello.com) 

From the so far implementation of pilot installations in houses in Western Region of Greece, we have recorded strong evidence of feasibility and useful enrichment of the user’s medical folder, especially during such periods where frequent visits to doctors are not an option.

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