Programme of integrated interventions to enhance social cohesion and improve quality of life of older people who live in care homes "NOT LONELY ANY MORE".

It is a programme that is carried out by the Region of Crete, the "Laboratory of Interdisciplinary Approaches for the Enhancement of Quality of Life" and the "Natural Interactive Learning Games and Environments" of the Hellenic Mediterranean University of Crete, Greece.

The objective of this programme is threefold:

1) It aims at enhancing quality of life, self-care, self-management, at empowering psycho-social and mental abilities and at combatting loneliness and social isolation of older people living in care homes.

2) It aims at educating older people's caregivers (formal and informal), so that to be able to ensure safety and improve physical health and function of older people living in care homes.

3) It aims at raising public awareness of policies, measures and initiatives to enhance active and healthy ageing.

For the purposes of this programme a digital platform has been developed called "Body & Mind Academy", which is an educational digital environment with manifold interactive and non interactive tools and materials.



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