I-MANO: A training programme on innovative management and organisation for home care services managers to deliver better quality services to the elderly

Do you share the issue of sustainability of home care services and attractiveness of these jobs?

In the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region in France, we have developed and implemented a training programme for home care services managers. The objective is to experiment new management and organisational methods that empower home carers and improve their recognition. Overall, we aim at better quality services for the elderly, better quality of work and economic performance.

I-MANO (TRL6) is a 4-step programme for home care services managers developed by the Gérontopôle Nouvelle-Aquitaine :

1/ Awareness raising: presentation of 6 management and organisational innovative methods

2/ Maturity Assessment: analysis of the home care services existing practices and their readiness to change

3/ Collective training: each home care service selects one method among the 6 presented and takes part in a collective training on this method with other home care services (5 people from each organisation including the manager are participating)

4/ In-depth training within the home care services organisation: with the manager and his/her team

Since 2019, the programme has been implemented by 14 home cares services and has involved 140 professionals in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. Besides, a regional community of managers has been created to exchange practices and a sociology research programme is underway.

More information:https://gerontopole-na.fr/les_projets/i-mano/