Physical Activity Intervention for Balance and Fall Prevention in Elderly

Dear All,


We are Alexander and Luca, students of physiotherapy at the University of Satakunta in Finland.

The topic of our thesis was fall prevention among elderly and you can see our report here.


IN chapter 3.5 “Healthy Aging” we have referred at  European Innovation Partnership in Active and Healthy Ageing.


At European level, several initiatives focus on enhancing healthy aging. In particular, the European Innovation Partnership in Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP and AHA) aim to create partnerships and synergies. This through targeting and strengthening of research and innovation among the European Union (Website of 2020). Furthermore, the EIP and AHA aim to endorse active and healthy ageing, facilitating the cooperation among all the relevant stakeholders across the European Union. This at local, regional and national level. Being aware of the importance to tackle this specific societal challenge, the EIP and AHA is aiming to increase the average healthy lifespan of EU citizens by two years by the year 2020 (Website of 2020).


We would like share our project throughout your network since we would like receive some feedback from you or some of your colleague, and also because we think it could be a tangible example as study project which include community based resources and increase the level of awareness about the topic of Healthy Aging and Fall prevention.


We also edited a short video that highlight the core activities of the project and give a easier understanding of the whole project.


We hope that you can help us to share this simple intervention on your website and or social media. For us will be important.


Looking forward hearing from you!


Luca and Alex

Physiotherapy students

Physical Activity Intervention for Balance and Fall Prevention in Elderly
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