Horizon 2020 in the time of #coronavirus - understanding implications

This highly unusual and extreme situation due to the containment of COVID-19 is affecting our entire way of life, including our home lives, social engagements and how we work.

EC-funded Horizon 2020 projects are affected in multiple ways, due to their very nature as international and distributed work programmes. We have colleagues and partners located all over Europe and our events, meetings and interactions are moving to a solely digital dimension. Some of the work to disseminate, engage, perform demonstrations, and showcase work at exhibitions will not take place as planned.

For a while - we don't know how long - there will be the need to organise our business in a different way - and yes, we are the lucky ones that can continue their business "almost" as usual!

It would be great if you can dedicate a few minutes of your time to answer a few questions.


This initiative will produce a report, based on the results, to indicate the effectiveness of current working practices, as well as gaining a realistic picture of potential disruption to normal workflows.

Stay Safe, Stay Connected.

Dr. Monique Calisti (CEO Martel Innovate)

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